Jenn Lewis is a mixed media contemporary/pop artist responding to the culture of provocative, voyeuristic, exposed & indulgent media - of both present time & distant past. She is fascinated by the new playing field we have entered - where the means & volume of media consumption has been drastically elevated, yet the content remains - visual shock & stereotype driven. She paints & collages amalgams of both iconic & unknown women, vintage objects and words/phrases from science, art, and psychology texts. She juxtaposes faces and objects often in opposition of one another, (e.g. advertisements, social media symbols, menus, magazine names, casino & arcade games & women's faces) composed together and loosely associated. Her work portrays overexposure, overstimulation, vulnerability, arousal & thrill seeking, elation, desire & apathy.  Idealized feminine youth, control & power, rebelliousness, and sensuality are strong thematic elements.